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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pretty in Pink

These are my friends Jeri and Dale. Jeri is the sister of one of my best friends, and you will meet no sweeter girl. She's the perfect combo of honest/sassy and just plain old sweet. Dale has been my sanity saver so many times. It usually starts with a text like this: "Dale, my air conditioning won't go below 75. I'm dying. HELP." And is followed by "LOL, I'll be there tomorrow, even if it's 10 pm." And sure enough, the next night I'm cool as a cucumber, with an ice maker fixed or washing machine filter cleaned out to-boot! If you EVER need an A/C man, you must call him. He's wonderful, reasonable and trustworthy. Thank heavens he's in my world.

AND in addition to all that above, they have such cute twins. Like I mentioned, we are friends through Jeri's brother, so I've been around them a lot. But, there are usually around 6 kids running around, so I am too over-stimulated to play with the kids besides my own. As we arrived at the farm for the photo shoot, I could tell that would be no problem. They have personalities as adorable as their little faces. "E" is talkative, inquisitive and usually beaming. "C" is quiet, observational, with the sweetest smile. Dale told me that "E" is usually with him (he's chatty) and "C" is usually with Jeri (she's not) and their personalities are a complete reflection of that. So, enough chatter from THIS chatty photographer. Here they are...

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