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Monday, March 29, 2010

Twin Baby Boys

This was such a fun session. Possibly one of my favorites, ever.

I was nervous going in. These boys were 5 weeks old, which seems a hard age to photograph. They're not the little brand-new wads of babies that you can place and position however you like. Yet, they're not old enough that they're sitting up or interacting with me or the camera. So, nervous photographer + warm house for naked babies= sweaty lady. However, it all paid off. These images are some I'm most proud of and I hope Mama and Daddy are too!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Equines Assisting Special Individuals

Earlier this year, I had a chance to go visit the Equines Assisting Special Individuals therapeutic riding program in Walker County, AL. It was started by a wonderful woman named Kim Hall, who "dreamed of a place where abused or neglected children, a child who needs special assistance could experience unconditional love and acceptance." Some personal experiences, including a son who has special needs, spurred on this passion and it is now a reality.

Kim asked a few riders to come while I was there photographing and I got to witness, first hand, the transformation these frustrated, often handicapped children experienced when they sat on the obedient horses.

Boone was the most dramatic. When he arrived, he was so excited, but quickly grew very frustrated. He can't walk without assistance from his mother and can communicate through sounds, but not through language you and I can decipher. He was moaning and groaning, so impatient to get on that horse. When the horse was finally ready, they popped Boone up there and I think the expression speaks for itself. After only a few moments, he was begging to trot and trot he did. The poor escorts and his mother were exhausted, but the look on that sweet boy's face must have been worth it.
Look at the sheer delight. And his sweet mom's face as she sees her baby so happy.

I was touched by this organization and grateful to see how therapeutic it actually is.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Browns

I had fun with this brother and sisters and bro-in-law in December. They called to get Christmas photos for their mom as a surprise. And, although there was some concern that she was onto them when they all left looking so dapper, the surprise was a success!! She, and I, were thrilled with the results.

I think it's so important to capture each phase of life, and we forget this as our children get older. Here ya go!

This was my favorite moment, when my instruction was something brilliant like "sit wherever" and the boys cozied up. Broke the ice!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Aynsley's fam

This post is from a shoot in December for my friend Aynsley and her little girl. I hadn't looked at them in so long that I was so excited to see, again, how some of them turned out! Aynsley's sweet brother joined us on this very cold day and won uncle of the year award. Not to mention the picture of little girl R kissing him is one of my favorites from the day. Enjoy!

Look how much she loosened up by the time we were winding up. These last ones are my favorites, because that captures her little self.