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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jessica and Ryan's Wedding- the first half

I had SO MUCH FUN at Jessica and Ryan's wedding last month. I knew Jessica through my brother and his wonderful wife, and so I knew it was going to be a blast. She's beautiful and fun and so are all of her friends. Thank you so much to Emily Joy Gresham for shooting with me!

The wedding was in Alexander City, where she is from... at First Baptist Church. It was a scorching hot, bright day, but they were all such troopers as I drug them around the area before the ceremony! The light streaming into the white sanctuary made for such a beautiful service.

Jessica didn't let anyone but her mom, future mother-in-law, maid of honor and ME see her dress, even on the hanger before the wedding day. This is when she 1st showed her bridesmaids.
I just loved these huge windows in the sanctuary.
The baby bonnet Jessica wore home from the hospital as an infant unbuttons and turns into a handkerchief. This is what she carried as her handkerchief in the ceremony. Saps like me just LOVE those sentimental details.
Emily Joy commented on how amazing it is that there are so many gorgeous girls all from the same graduating class in the same small town. (I think I'm right in remembering that they're all from Alex City!)
Like I mentioned, these girls have been friends since at LEAST high school and most from even younger. They have a really sweet bond.
This is one of my favorite captures from Emily Joy. The gals trying to get some air after I marched them all around the square! I love the netting under their dresses!
I hadn't met Ryan before the wedding day. But he was quite laid back and his groomsmen were hilarious!This was my favorite moment of the day. Jessica's parents could NOT get the lighter going to light the unity candle. They calmly and respectfully tried and tried and tried. Finally, after what seemed like 15 minutes (but was probably only 2 or 3) they got it done. And everyone burst into laughter as they turned around to walk to their seats. This was one of those rare times I was allowed to be at the front of the church during the ceremony. Yes- my big ole pregnant self was kneeling, laying, squatting and CRAWling around in the choir loft! Totally worth though, I say.
Jessica and Ryan didn't see each other before the ceremony, so I loved this shot of them talking about their day and actually getting to be themselves after a nerve-wracking morning. As husband and wife for the first time!
This may be my second favorite, non-reception moment. After the stiff, formal shot, I asked for some sass. I believe I said something like "give me hands in pockets, comfortable, sassy, whatever you like! Show me some personality." The guys looked around blankly and just stood there. However, they did NOT like being shown up by the girls, so soon after I got the second shot in this series.

Stay-tuned for the SUPER DUPER fun reception shots!! This crew can dance...


  1. GREAT post, Hillary! And you did an amazing job--Jessica and I looked through them together and I told her I didn't know how she'd ever make up her mind!!!




    You and Emily Joy did a wonderful job. I have absolutely loved reliving the day through all the pictures!

    SO GREAT!! The last picture where Ryan and I are kissing and everyone is cheering us on is in my top five for sure!