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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Christina and Michael- married at last!

I had the pleasure of shooting Christina and Micheal's wedding with Liz Young earlier in August. Christina is so laid back that it was just easy as pie to please her. Any time we asked a question about what she wanted she would say, "I don't care... mom?" She and Michael have been together for quite some time, so they were so comfortable together... it was fun to see their anticipation about seeing each other this day. Some of my favorite images are the ones of them just before they see each other.

The ceremony was at the gorgeous St. Paul's Cathedral and the reception at the always classy B & A Warehouse.

My very, most favorite part of this day was the Italian Wedding dance. The dancing was happening, but not really LIVELY until this point. And then the party STARTED! I wish we had done it at my wedding, but alas, I am not Italian.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Pierce Portraits- SOOC

A wonderful seamstress recently asked me to shoot some of her clothes for her website. I have an in-home model for some of these items, and I've been wanting some portraits of her recently. Photographers, or ME anyway, have to really make themselves take photos of their family events. So, here was a two-birds-with-one-stone chance!

These images are straight out of camera (SOOC) and I am just so pleased with my little angel!

Miss Megan- Class of 2010

Ready to meet another mind-bogglingly talented senior? Megan plays 3 instruments (I think,) has supermodel height, and the kindest, blue eyes. We gallivanted around the city at 6 am on Saturday morning, which seems unreal for a senior in high school. But, there's more. She had been at a birthday party til midnight AND was playing at a football/band event all evening that very same Saturday. Trooper!!! Every now and then she would have a sinking spell and we would talk about hash browns to get her going again. What fun! Here are the favorites.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Ivy- Class of 2010

Meet Ivy- spunky, beautiful, and an old soul with some remnants of little girl left in her face. We had the most fun on this EARLY Friday morning. You would never have known it was 6 am by her bright eyes! (My less bright lenses may have tipped you off.) We laughed and laughed. We named the little fuzzy things on the tops of the long grasses caterpillars and you should have seen that girl navigating around the goose poo that was EVERYWHERE. What I didn't tell you is that this gorgeous girl is also brilliant. She is taking 5 AP classes this year and looking at colleges so far above my caliber that I've never heard of them. What an honor, to get to spend some time with such an exceptional young thing!

Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of working with Amelia Strauss at Mary Brantley and Lee's wedding. I wanted to give a little glimpse, but even more, just to show you this image. If we all looked at our husbands with these eyes a little more often, it would save MANY marriages. And by extension, dare I say, the world :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Christmas Comes But Once a Year....

So make sure you're ready!

I am starting to book sessions for Christmas photos. This was so much fun last year and I hope it's even better this year. In addition to the photos this year, I am also offering cards. Je Vois photography is your one stop shop for your Christmas card needs...all you'll have to do is address and send.

Email for pricing and booking info. I'm looking forward to a full fall season!

Monday, August 3, 2009

James Bobick- Operatic Baritone

I only know one opera singer, but I am certain that if I knew more, James Bobick would still be my favorite. He is wonderful... tells such riveting stories and cares deeply about those around him. He is also super talented, I might add. Doesn't he look like he's completely at home in front of the camera? Now, if you're ever in New York, you must go see him perform. Promise?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Baby Beautiful

I took photos of my first newborn a few weeks ago and had the best time. This beautiful girl was about 8 weeks old, so she was a little older than the standard newborn images you see. Thus, we got quite different photos... involving much more personality. It was so much fun! Thanks for inviting me Annah and John!