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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Adorable Baby "C"

Recently I got to take little miss "C"'s one-year-old pictures! You may remember her from this post a year ago. It was a beautiful afternoon/evening and we had so much fun laughing at this adorable baby girl. I really enjoyed it because I feel like my daughter was no longer a baby at one, but "C" still has so much baby in her. I have big problems with kids growing up (my grandmother always tells me "it's better than the alternative,") so I really love when the baby phase sticks around.

"C" was also funny because she was having NOTHING to do with that prickly grass nonsense. Thank heavens her beautiful mother came photo ready, so we just got a lot of their sweet relationship.
I love this sweet, latched onto mommy, restful moment.
In this bunch, she is SO excited about the hat she's throwing around. She would absolutely NOT wear the hat, but man-oh-man was it fun!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Beautiful Bridals

I've exhibited such commendable will power to keep these bridal portraits to myself for the last several weeks.

Jessica married Ryan on Saturday, and no one besides her mom, maid of honor, mother-in-law and I saw the dress before the big day. This includes her father! And bridesmaids! So, I would have been in really big trouble if I had ruined the suspense. Take a look and you'll see why...

There were pheasant and quail wandering around 10 feet from me as we did this one!
Let me know which you prefer- black and white or color:

Isn't she beautiful?? We did these at Five Star Plantation in Kellyton, AL, where the reception was held this past Saturday. I was like a kid at Christmas! A lake, pier, old grist mill, fields? What more could I ask for? And look and what a model she is. I would say, "don't smile" and she would close her eyes, take a breath, open them, and have this total glamourpuss expression. LOVED every minute.

Congratulations Jessica and Ryan! I can't wait to show everyone your beautiful wedding!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Etheridge Family

This shoot was on one of the prettiest days of the year. Perfect temp, low humidity, and God arranged for cloud cover for the exact amount of time the shoot took. Perfection!

I know the Etheridges through a mutual friend, but hadn't seen them since before their baby boy "P" was born. Confession: I am always a little nervous before family shoots. So many people, all blinking and talking and uncomfortable- I never know what I'll get. Chalk this one up to the best yet! All 3 of these lovelies were just calm and laid back and giggly, so it turned out so wonderfully. Be prepared, there are a lot of images in this post... I just couldn't decide!

We were on a slight incline, and this one-year-old bundle of energy isn't completely steady on his feet. Mama was working hard!This one is just funny! I think he was doing yoga myself.
This leash made him so happy that it was ridiculous. Don't you wish all it took was a leash to run around with to make your day?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Magen and Trey

Meet another of my adorable June couples! What fun I'm having with these delightful folks!

Magen and I have known each other since at least high school, if not elementary (Magen?) However, we were reunited at a wedding I shot with Amelia Strauss last year for Arrah Canant Restifo. Magen was one of her REALLY fun bridesmaids (I'm not kidding, this group of bridesmaids was a party all by themselves!)

This shoot was so easy, because these two were really laid back and came prepared with awesome outfits. We trucked all around the city, danced, played with their dog, walked thru fields, etc. Sweet Trey was just as cheerful and talkative and kind as can be, and it didn't come out til the very end that this wasn't his idea of the perfect day :) But you could never tell by the photos, and I think he was just acting manly by saying he didn't LOVE taking pictures for hours... don't you agree?

Here are my favorites of this happy couple-

I can't decide if I like this one better color or black and white. You vote!