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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sweet A Fam

My long-ago friends Meg and Basheer asked me to take pictures of her extended family as a gift for her grandmother for Christmas. We got lots of LOTS of people that are wonderful for her grandmother and captured much personality and laughs! But my favorites were of Meg and Basheer's little boy. They are a really cute family and you can just see how much they all love each other. It was a delight to be a part of the big day!

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Lumpkins

This family is a delight. And rather amazing. I went to preschool with her, sing on praise team with him, and basically giggle anytime their boys walk into the room. They're too cute. They love the Lord. And if you've met them you know it. They're working really hard on adopting and I know that their next baby will be as delightful as these 3 boys.

They adopted and LOVE this dog. He's blind and they knew it. Can you fathom the hearts on these people?

What you don't know about this picture is that it's time to go. The baby she's holding is upset because he got hurt and the other two are yelling and mad that they have to leave. And she's cool as a cucumber. I'm sure she would tell you she didn't feel that way, and that she's not always like this, but this is what I see. Amazing.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another H Family again!

Back in November, I think, I got to play with this adorable family again. It was a joint Christmas card/4-month portrait session. I LOVE the H family and their kids are just cute and sweet and wonderful. We had a blast. And this little girl has started looking like the rest of them! You may remember Miss M from the 3-window sill shot a few months ago. Isn't she fun?