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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Christina and Michael- married at last!

I had the pleasure of shooting Christina and Micheal's wedding with Liz Young earlier in August. Christina is so laid back that it was just easy as pie to please her. Any time we asked a question about what she wanted she would say, "I don't care... mom?" She and Michael have been together for quite some time, so they were so comfortable together... it was fun to see their anticipation about seeing each other this day. Some of my favorite images are the ones of them just before they see each other.

The ceremony was at the gorgeous St. Paul's Cathedral and the reception at the always classy B & A Warehouse.

My very, most favorite part of this day was the Italian Wedding dance. The dancing was happening, but not really LIVELY until this point. And then the party STARTED! I wish we had done it at my wedding, but alas, I am not Italian.

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