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Friday, August 14, 2009

Ivy- Class of 2010

Meet Ivy- spunky, beautiful, and an old soul with some remnants of little girl left in her face. We had the most fun on this EARLY Friday morning. You would never have known it was 6 am by her bright eyes! (My less bright lenses may have tipped you off.) We laughed and laughed. We named the little fuzzy things on the tops of the long grasses caterpillars and you should have seen that girl navigating around the goose poo that was EVERYWHERE. What I didn't tell you is that this gorgeous girl is also brilliant. She is taking 5 AP classes this year and looking at colleges so far above my caliber that I've never heard of them. What an honor, to get to spend some time with such an exceptional young thing!


  1. I think the first one is my favorite. Ivy seems to be such a wonderful young lady; she spoke in church today and I just wanted to go squeeze her she's so cute.

  2. The last one, with the sunrise, looks like a fantastic album cover- good work! xo LA