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Friday, August 21, 2009

Miss Megan- Class of 2010

Ready to meet another mind-bogglingly talented senior? Megan plays 3 instruments (I think,) has supermodel height, and the kindest, blue eyes. We gallivanted around the city at 6 am on Saturday morning, which seems unreal for a senior in high school. But, there's more. She had been at a birthday party til midnight AND was playing at a football/band event all evening that very same Saturday. Trooper!!! Every now and then she would have a sinking spell and we would talk about hash browns to get her going again. What fun! Here are the favorites.


  1. These are great, hill! Still can't believe you are taking these!

  2. These are so nice- i especially like the 3 verticals together & the sunrise one just after that- I imagine her parents LOVE these. xo